About Me

A list of my current credentials and studies can be found at the bottom of this page.

Kaitlin Beaver – Tired of the Bullshit.

I am a Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, & Certified Strength Specialist. I consider myself a “science hobbyist” because though I do not hold any science degrees, I read textbooks for fun and love keeping up with exercise science and nutrition science news.

I am seeking to simplify the world of fitness and nutrition without diet culture and fad fitness getting in the way. I am all about education because knowledge is power.

My Journey

I have a BA in English – Creative Writing. After college, I did absolutely nothing career-wise with that specific area to no one’s surprise, I am sure. I worked in psychiatric care for teens for 11 months (which was longer than about 80% of the staff) then worked as a veterinary assistant for nearly 4 years. I learned a lot about myself working those high stress jobs where lives were on the line at any given moment – the most important being that I did not want to work in those types of jobs anymore.

I am an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer and have been since February 2020. My education on fitness is very important to me because in order to break down the bullshit, you have to be educated on the subjects. I also love doing courses online to learn from professionals about the latest recommendations and research. I try really hard to stay on top of it all. If there is a subject that I am unfamiliar with, the beauty of having this certification is that it has nurtured the scientific part of my brain, and I am able to properly research to help meet your specific needs. If there is an area that I simply don’t have enough information on, I am also not afraid to take a step back and recommend you find a trainer who is better suited for you.

I have worked at a gym since 2019 and have been active in general for several years now. I started out as an long-distance runner and now have confidence in powerlifting, powerbuilding, concurrent (hybrid) training, and even just general fitness. I am interested in many facets of fitness. Right now, I am focused on helping women and young athletes find a way to reach their goals in a healthy and sustainable way.

All of these things have shaped my philosophies on fitness and are shaping me as a trainer. I am not here to promise you amazing weight loss results or less flabby arms or quick 6 pack abs. I am not a magic pill. I do not believe in magic pills.

Fitness takes time, dedication, hard work, and the ability to ask for help. That’s where I come in. I have no patience for the outright lies that are out there in the world right now regarding your health and fitness. I am here to help you navigate the bullshit and create a better you in a HEALTHY and REALISTIC way. You are a person first – before your body, your gender, or your fitness. You are a person who deserves better than what the fitness industry on social media will have you believe.

When I’m not doing things related to fitness, I am probably snuggling my cats (I have 2), drinking entirely too much coffee, and/or playing Animal Crossing.

My Credentials

AHA CPR/Oxygen/AED certified – expiration 9/2023

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer (trainer certificate can be presented upon request)

ISSA Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach

ISSA Certified Sports Nutrition Coach

AFPA Running Injury Prevention Specialist

ISSA Exercise Therapy Certification

ISSA Corrective Exercise Specialist

GGS Women’s Fitness Coach (in progress, anticipated completion Dec. 2021)

Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach (in progress, anticipated completion Feb. 2022)

Barbell Rehab (in progress)

Featured in a MyFitnessPal article as a source.

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