5 Tips for Working Out at Home

This pandemic has put a strain on all of us in a variety of ways. Fretting about how to keep up with working out or starting a work out routine should not have to be hard. Those of us who were active outside of the home are facing new challenges to keep our physical fitness up. Those of us who were not active but perhaps thinking about it, or maybe even thinking about hiring a personal trainer, are now in a pickle of trying to figure out what to do and how to do it.

I am a personal trainer, and I can tell you that I hate working out at home. I always have, and I probably always will. I find it difficult to motivate myself, for whatever reason. This social distancing situation has forced me to find ways to motivate myself at home, and I’m here to share them with you.

Create a Dedicated Work Out Space
Photo by Form

Regardless of if you have a home gym or not, creating a dedicated work out space is a good way to keep your brain motivated. It can be fun to set up what you have available. Even if you don’t have any equipment, really work on making the area your own – such as printing out some images of things that motivate you and post them on the wall near you.

Try to keep the area clean as well. When it’s time for your work out, are you going to be more or less motivated to work out if you have to clean up the space first? If you are anything like me, the answer is much LESS motivated.

Create a Work Out Plan

Not having a set plan can be the biggest downfall of all of our good intentions to work out at home. If you only have this vague idea of, “Well I guess I will do a quick jog outside on Saturday and then maybe do some bodyweight exercises on Monday…”, psychologically, you won’t be as dedicated to actually doing it.

Write down your plan on whatever you have – a planner, post its, wall calendar, etc. Make it clear that on Monday you will be doing X work out; on Tuesday you will be doing recovery; on Wednesday you will be doing X work out; etc. Even better, try to schedule your work outs. Regardless of if your work has moved home or if you have become unemployed during this pandemic, writing down the time you will be working out is critical. That way if you are sitting on the couch watching your 200th episode Grey’s Anatomy and you see it’s 10:00am, you can immediately get off the couch and get your work out done. Try to wear your work out clothes during the day so you can be ready to start any time!

Try to remember, too, though that even the best of plans sometimes don’t work out, and that’s okay! We are all just doing the best we can right now. Don’t stress out if one day doesn’t work out the way you had intended.

Create a Stellar Work Out Playlist
Bonus tip: Pretend to be as happy as this woman about your work out
Photo by bruce mars

Nothing gets me ready to go like a good playlist. What kind of music do you like? What kind of music motivates you? What kind of music will keep you motivated halfway through a work out when you feel like giving up? For me, I listen to a variety of different genres, but electronica and metal are the two genres that will keep me going from start to finish. Make a dedicated playlist just for your workouts. I have a playlist on Spotify for every possible thing I could be doing with my day, and it just helps me stay focused on the goal!

Have Friends and Family Join
Photo by Meghan Holmes

If you do not live with anyone, this would obviously have to be from afar, but studies have shown that working out with a buddy keeps you more motivated than if you were to go at it alone. If you live with your partner and/or kids, try to make it fun for the whole family by having them do some workouts with you! If you live alone, there are a lot of fun ways to do it together. Use a video app or a phone call to do it together.

Final Thoughts

Most importantly, remember that it is not going to be easy to motivate yourself during this time. These tips helped me, and I hope they can help you as well. But remember to be patient with yourself and be kind to yourself during this really crappy time in the world.

Stay healthy, friends.


If you are having trouble formulating a work out plan for yourself, I can help! I offer training services online in a variety of formats. Head on over to my Services page to find out more. I will also have some free workouts added to my site soon! It will be linked here once they are ready.

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